Dr. Nuha


Prof. Dr. Nuha Saleem Mohammed Ali Al-Bayatii
Personal Information :
Date/ Place of Birth: October 13, 1970, Mosul-Iraq.
Marital Status: Married (has tow girls).
Address: Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology /Faculty of Pharmacy, Tikrit University, Iraq
Telephone Number : (00964 07704148515,00964 07503282265)
E-mail: saleem.nuha@tu.edu.iq,  saleem_nuha@yahoo.com,  nuhasama418@gmail.com
Languages : Arabic: Mother’s tongue.
English: Very good (reading, writing and speaking).
Scientific Degrees:
1- Bachelor of Microbiology Science, Faculty of science, Mosul
University, Mosul, Iraq 26/6/1994.
2- Master degree of Medical Microbiology Science, Faculty of Medicine
Tikrit University, Iraq 16/3/2002.
3- Ph.D. in Parasitology, Faculty of science, Tiktit university.Iraq
Scientific ranks:
1- Assistant lecturer from 5/5/2002 – 26/4/2005
2- Lecturer from 26/4/2005—15/3/2009.
3- Assistant professor (15/3/2009-15/1/2018) Department of clinical
laboratory science. Faculty of Pharmacy, Tikrit University, Tikrit, Iraq.
4- Full Professor (15/1/2018- present ). Department of clinical laboratory science. Faculty of Pharmacy, Tikrit University, Tikrit, Iraq.
5- Editor of Tikrit journal of Pharmaceutical science. From 2007-2014.
6- Head of clinical laboratory science department /Pharmacy faculty
from 2013- 2016.
7- Head of pharmacology and toxicology department /Pharmacy Faculty from 2017 –now.
8- Member of Scientific Promotions Comity /Pharmacy college. 2016 till now
9- Members of Psychological guidance and educational guidance comity Pharmacy college 2017-now.
Scientific Experiences :
1- Teaching of theoretical and practical courses of Microbiology for second-year pharmacy college students.
2- Teaching of theoretical and practical course of Parasitology for
second-year pharmacy college students
3- Teaching of theoretical and practical course of Biology for first-year pharmacy college students.
4- Teaching of theoretical and practical of Laboratories training, fifth-year pharmacy college students.
5- Supervisor of undergraduate thesis for graduation.
Scientific Activity:
1- Participate in the UNESCO training in Public health and
Microbiology Department, Turin University in Italy in 2007.
2- Participate in Tikrit teaching hospital training for two years.
3- Supervise many graduation students projects.
4- Participate in PCR applications in diagnosis of heredity diseases in
Al- Nahreen researches center / Baghdad / 2016
5- Participate in computer science training course with a very good
degree and IC3 examination pass with 956 score /2011
6- TOFEL.ITP score 443 /2011.
7- Participate in E-marking and augment reality training course and
workshop /2016.
8- Participate in the training course of ISO:9001;2015, ISO/IEC
27001:2013, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by Arab Foundation for training
&consultancy &Arbitrations in Istanbul 2018.
9- Participate in “Antioccident effect on cancer” hold on ministry of
industrial and minerals corporation of research and industrial
development workshop from 22-24/4/2018.
10- Participate in 4th International Scientific Conference of Cihan
University-Erbil on Biological Sciences (CIC-BIOS’17)during 26-
27 /4/2017.
11- Participate in “chemistry role in cancer beginning at cell level”
lecture hold in Al- Nahreen researches center / Baghdad /
12- Participate in workshop “Cancer patients hard equation “in
Pharmacy college/Babil university in 12/1/2017.
13- Participate in “second National collective session” workshop hold
on Iraqi National Congress in 7/12/2017-23/12/2017.
List of Publications:
1-Epidemiological and Bacteriological study of chronic suppurative otitis
media in children in Tikrit province .A thesis Submitted to the Council of
College of Medicine , University of Tikrit in Partial Fulfillment of
Requirements for the Degree of Master in Medical Microbiology
,Bacteriology :2002.
2- Bacterial penetration into tonsillar surface epithelium during chronic
tonsillitis.Nuha S.Al.Bayatii.J.pure Sci;9(1):170-177(2003).
3- The antibacterial effect of curcumin ,thyme,and cinnamon on five
bacterial types. Waseem A.Al.Jumyli,Nuha S.Al.bayatii. J.pure
4-Correlation between erythromycin-resistance phenotypes of
Streptococcus pneumoniae and in vitro activity of telithromycine and
azithromycine. Nuha S.Al.bayatii .TJPS J; 3(2):127-134(2007).
5- Influences of clarithromycin on the primary function of human
polymorphonuclear leucocytes against Streptococcus pneumoniae. Nuha
S.Al.bayatii ,Waseem A.Al.Jumyli. TJPS J;4(1):57-62(2008).
6- Microbial Keratitis associated with contact lens wearing.Nuha
S.Al.Bayatii , Waseem A.Al.Jumyli . J.pure Sci;14(3):165-169(2009).
7- Synthesis ,Spectroscopic and Antibacterial Investigation of New
Molecular hybridized 4-Aminoantipyrine Derivatives of pharmaceutical
Interest.Vian Jawhe, Nuha S.Al-Bayatii and Hatif.A.Y. Alshirayda. TJPS
J;6(2): (2010).
8- Epidermal Growth factor in human urine as promotor for the growth of
Leishmania sp. In vitro.to .Nuha S. Al-Bayatii, Fatima Sh.Al-Naserii,
Dr.JaladetM.S.Jubrael.J. pure Sci ; J;20(2):2015.
9- Determination of Immunoglobulin’s levels in cutaneous Leishmainasis
patients.Nuha S. Al-Bayatii,Fatima Sh.Al-Naserii, Dr.JaladetM.S.Jubrael.
J. pure Sci;20(2):2015.
10-Identification of Leishmania species from cryopreserved and Giemsa
stain slide samples.Dr.JaladetM.S.Jubrael, Nuha S. Al-Bayatii.TJPS
11- Epidemiology and Diagnosis of infection with cutaneous
leishmaniasis in Tikrit city ;A thesis Submitted to the Council of College
of Science, University of Tikrit in Partial Fulfillment of Requirements
for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy In Biology,
12- Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii and Cytomegalovirus in
Aborted Women in Samaraa city. Nuha S. Al-Bayatii. Sheelan A. Anwar
J. pure Sci ; J;11(1):2017.
13- Antileishmanial Activity of Methanolic extract of Juniperus excelsa
berries and Acacia nilotica.NuhaS. Al-Bayati, Sheelan A. Anwar,
Dr.OmaimaI. Mahmood. TJPS J;11(1):2016.
14- Prevalence of Giardia lamblia parasites among Iraqi displaced
patients attending hospitals of Salah Al-Deen province /Tiktit .
Nuha S. Al-Bayati, Sheelan A. Anwar .Tikrit Med.J;10:2016.
15- التحري عن بعض مضادات الأكسدة والجذور الحرة المصاحبة للإصابة بداء المقوسات
الكوندية في مصل النساء الحوامل في مدينة قرة تبة. ) 2017 (. اميمة إبراهيم محمود , خالد
)3( احمد هادي ألسعيدي , نهى سليم ألبياتي و شيلان اكبر أنور.مجلة ديالى للعلوم الصرفة . 13
. 139-131:
16- Purification of metacyclic Leishmanial promastigotes by using Peanut
Lectin agglutinin test .NuhaS. Al-Bayati,Sheelan A. Anwar,Omaima I.
Mahmood.accepted to publish in Basrah j.of Vet.research.16(2): 2017 .
17- Relationship of Blood Groups with Epstein-Barr virus Infection in
Thalassemia Patients in Mosul /Iraq.Nuha S.Al-Bayati,Alaa Y.Al-
Hamadany (is being published).
18- In vitro new experimentally culture media for Leishmania species
cultivation accepted to publish in TJPS 13(1): 2018.
– More than thirty Acknowledgments through my working service from
different scientific centers .